WATCH: Kevin Gray's 70s Comeback On SoFlo Home Project

WATCH: Kevin Gray’s 70s Comeback On SoFlo Home Project

The 70s are making a major comeback now in fashion and design. Kevin Gray Design was thrilled to be featured this month on SoFlo Home Project, his 4th time on the program. In this episode, Kevin gives design expert Alena Capra a tour of his personal home in Miami, Florida. Kevin’s home shows his love to mix pieces and materials – and is inspired by his love of the 70s.

WATCH: Kevin Gray on SoFlo Home Project: Come Back To The 70s Comeback

Kevin’s Advice For Mixing Pieces and Periods

Kevin’s apartment features carefully curated 70s pieces but stays fresh and modern. His home includes pieces Kevin has carefully curated and collected for the past 40 years.

1.  Give a nod to a period, don’t try to recreate it.

2. Subtle details in materials and shapes make a big impact.

3. Mixing contrasting materials warms up a room and provides interest.

4. Add pieces from other eras to create an eclectic design.

5. Timeless basics showcase period pieces.

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