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Kevin Gray Orbit Lamp

Zandt and Orbit Lamps Designed by Kevin Gray Now Made In Italy

The Zandt and Orbit Lamps designed by Kevin Gray will be Made in Italy! The lamps were designed in Paris, France after Kevin graduated from Parsons School of Design, and set up his design studio in Paris for 10 plus years. In Italy for Milano Design Week 2022, Kevin is meeting with the design studios in Italy where his lamps are being manufactured. Here are Kevin’s updates from his Italy trip:

Made in Italy!

The Zandt lamps were designed back in 1982 in Paris, France, shortly after I graduated from Parsons School of Design in Paris.

After a busy week at Milano Design Week 2022,  we visited the Design Studio in Padova where my Zandt Desk prototype was successfully assembled. The Studio is situated on the upper floors and attic of an 18 Century Palazzo, outside Padova, along with other design studios and restaurants.

  • Were putting the Zandt Desk lamp into production in early Fall 2022
  • The Zandt reading lamp is slated to be available for Design Week Italy 2023

Zandt was made and sold successfully in the USA in the 80s, and now the Zandt Lamp will be made in Italy using new technology complete with LED 3000 Kelvin bulbs and will be UL approved for distribution. 

I named it after my Dutch grandfather Emilio Van Zandt. I’m most grateful to have the Zandt Lamp back in production!

Contact Kevin for information to purchase his Orbit and Zandt Lamps


Zandt Lamp Issued for 40th Anniversary



Zandt Reading and Floor Zandt by Kevin Gray
Kevin’s Zandt reading lamp far left, and Kevin’s Zandt floor lamp far right

On the 40th anniversary of his original 1982 design, the Zandt Lamp is being manufactured using new technology. Kevin had originally designed and produced 3 versions: Desk, Reading and Floor lamp.

Kevin Working at the Zandt Design Studio in Padova, Italy 

Kevin Gray and the Zandt Lamp
Zandt Design Studio, Palazzo, Padova 
Kevin Gray with his Zandt Lamp
Kevin at the Zandt Design Studio, Palazzo, Padova 
Zandt design studio in Italy
Zandt Design Studio, Palazzo, Padova
Padova, Italy 


Padova Italy


Padova Italy

Orbit Lamp

2021 marked the 40th anniversary of the original Orbit Lamp by Kevin Gray.

The Orbit Lamp was designed in 1981, after I graduated from Parsons School of Design. I decided to stay in Paris, and on one of my museum trips I had seen a Calder sculpture and envisioned a lamp that had the feel of a mobile, and brainstormed a desk lamp that could rotate 360!

Orbit was originally designed in black steel, and for its 40th anniversary, the lamp will be made in brass!
I’m most grateful to Lumen Center, Italy which produces both new and period lamps from the early 20 century.  Their headquarters and factory are outside Milano, but now Lumen Center has a new showroom in Milano:
Lumen Center 
Via Gran San Bernardo, 2
Milano, Italy
Orbit Catalog
Kevin Gray With His Reissued Orbit Lamp 
Kevin Gray with his Orbit Lamp


Contact Kevin for information to purchase his Orbit and Zandt Lamps

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