Art is often chosen in the final stages of an interior design project to enhance a space’s furnishings and views. Art-driven interior design is a collaboration between the interior designer and the homeowner that is built around the artworks. Serious art lovers are passionate about their carefully curated art collection, but also want their home to look like a home, and not an art gallery. 

Serious Art Lovers Design Their Homes to Showcase Their Collection

When designing a new interior for clients, a frequent request is that Kevin Gray Design showcase their art collection, often acquired over a lifetime of travel and experiences. For serious art collectors, art is a reflection of their personality, their experiences and their viewpoint. Art-driven interior design may necessitate moving walls, designing custom lighting and furniture and installing protective windows. 

There is a strong relationship between art and interior design.
Whether you’re designing a home to live in, or staging a home for sale,
it’s important that art is properly featured, displayed and protected. 

– Kevin Gray

In Kevin Gray’s Bay Harbor gut rehab, walls were moved to accommodate large art pieces and capture the spectacular scenery; furniture was kept low and in a neutral color palette so it didn’t fight the artwork. Featured on SoFlo Home, the entry and floorplan had to be redesigned to create stunning interior and exterior views. 

For one of Latin America’s prominent art collections, KGD designed a home/gallery space to house their extensive collection. All rooms were designed by Kevin Gray Design, with custom Lite Lab lighting and art hanging channel so that art can be rotated when lent to various Museums. Custom furnishings were kept low to show the art from all angles and KGD designed the dining room in lucite and wood veneer. Polished chrome and glass coffee tables offset Oriental Persian rugs – and lucite stands were designed to hold smaller works. 

Kevin Gray Design Art Consulting Service
Kevin Gray designed custom Lite Lab lighting and an art hanging channel

KGD facilitates all art delivery and installation and recently completed a construction and design project on New York City’s Central Park West that required craning large-scale artwork into a high rise apartment, which required removal of a window and careful craning into the home.  

crane installing NYC large scale art
A crane was required to install large-scale art in this NYC interior design project

Interior designer Kevin Gray of Kevin Gray Design understands the art of displaying artwork. In addition to his projects as an interior designer for a global clientele, Kevin provides art consulting services and regularly attends art fairs in the United States and Europe. 

Kevin Gray Design Home Staging Services

KGD Art Consulting Services
Kevin Gray Design works with our clients’ design aesthetic on art acquisition, custom framing and installation

for a single room, an entire home or a public space. 



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