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Kevin Gray (KGD), managed the window replacement in 26 units in Miami’s iconic residential tower, damaged in a hurricane. The project was finished ahead of schedule and under budget – without unit owners having to move out. Construction was contained by unique ziplocking curtain walls; window treatments, floors and adjoining walls were meticulously restored. The KGD Advantage: Extensive experience from demolition to turnkey and knowledge of the permitting and construction process.

The installation process is labor-intensive, and meticulous preparations are required in advance to protect your home from potential damage. With KGD, and the right crews, this will be done professionally and with the least discomfort.

We offer a wide range of trades to make the necessary preparations before, during and after the window installation. We utilize custom heavy-duty dust barriers that are safely anchored floor to ceiling, wall to wall, with 8 foot zippers to isolate work areas from your home.

Note: Many clients choose to renovate and/or update other areas of their home in conjunction with the windows project

Kevin Gray is an internationally celebrated interior designer, known for transforming interiors into timeless and unique environments for the most discerning clients in Miami, New York, and Europe. His interiors showcase signature designs that are understated yet sophisticated, straightforward, elegant and functional. Clean lines and well-crafted but straightforward furnishings, with an attention to texture and the highest quality materials, are Kevin Gray Design staples. Clients say that the key to Kevin’s success is his collaboration with the best architects, craftsmen, and builders. While beautiful rooms are Kevin’s first consideration, client service, project management, and attention to detail are of the utmost importance.


Install code compliant hurricane/impact windows and secure permits. Work with licensed and insured trades. Protect client’s home, furnishings and floors throughout the entire construction process by: Taking down all window treatments; cleaning, adjusting, and re-installing. Matching and restoring wood, carpet or stone floors. Repairing walls and ceilings after window placement. Moving and securing furnishings, paintings, accessories etc.. Reinstalling or updating alarm systems and/or adding electric for window treatments.